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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2014 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today. israel's offensive on gaza prez's into its sixth day as a single strike outside a mosque leaves fifteen people dead while the total number of palestinians killed climbs to one hundred fifty seven. did. a suburb of. ukraine comes under a barrage of artillery fire from kids forces reports that civilians have died. and britons fear for their state's health care service claiming
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a trade treaty will see the n.h.s. ripped apart by private american medical for. top news and commentary live from moscow twenty four hours a day this is our team now more deaths in the israel gaza conflict a late on a saturday night a missile struck just outside a mosque in gaza killing at least fifteen people there women and children are reportedly among the victims of what is the deadliest single assault in the conflict so far with a few more overnight strikes the total number of palestinians killed in the offensive has reached one hundred fifty seven israeli military is calling on gaza residents to evacuate as it plans to intensify fire.
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i. think i don't know and yet and i know what i mean by that but i. say. israel launched the offensive on tuesday and claimed it only targets hamas militants but the un says three quarters of the casualties are civilians while local medics state twenty four children are among the dead harry fear reports from gaza where locals are scared for their safety. several days into the latest escalation between israel and hamas and the situation in gaza has not eased. his relative his caring for more hard hitting campaigns to rein in the mass rocket fire along the israel gaza border as thousands were ordered to evacuate a warrior indicated that a ground invasion may be in it and left your attack by f.
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sixteen jets that destroyed our home but that was only. when the israelis but again demanding people move out on a similar sea and their children say so we left the area and then on the streets rockets to find vigorously from gaza israel struck up a one thousand targets many of which the homes friday morning the afterwards targeted a building belonging to a family can shake redwine locals are adamant that it was just a residential building they also billion there are no weapons. nothing is. hidden within the speeding as you can see i don't know why the family managed to evacuate before the main missile struck no one was injured but they didn't have time to take their belongings before the house was destroyed late thursday night a peculiar. strike took place at gaza's marina
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a boat owned by the international freedom to tell a cut of the show was the sole target gaza's og was a humanitarian project designed to export goods from the besieged enclave to the outside world to boost the economy and act as a symbol of palestinian nonviolent resistance in the face of what they see as the israeli occupation palestinian activists say israel struck the boat to ruin the work but it's unclear if militants were at the marina that night in what's normally a relatively safe area more than eight hundred gazans have been injured and the health care system is struggling to keep up with. the injured as it is gradually increasing the doctors on provided with medicine that it will soon be tougher to provide such services with border crossings closed in an intensifying block and there's really escalation in gaza. as this war
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goes on it's the palestinian civilian population that is paying the greatest price the bodies continue to arrive at gaza's hospitals israel says it's got hundreds of strikes after exactly it feels very much like this is not the end of the latest israel gaza war. and its first statement since the beginning of the escalation the un security council has called for a cease fire in gaza a document calling for peace and a direct talks between the sides was signed by all fifteen members of the un's most powerful body now earlier the un human rights chief also raised alarm over the mounting number of civilian deaths in gaza questioning the legality of israel's actions high commissioner navi pillay said the country could be violating international law as it pushes on with its military operation people across the globe are also voicing their outrage over the strikes this is what washington d.c. . right crowd converged on the israeli embassy calling for an end to the assault
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and labeling israeli leaders as terrorists thousands of protesters took to the streets in central berlin on saturday to demand an end to the attacks on gaza while in cairo police used tear gas to disperse a gaza solidarity protest on friday while around one hundred demonstrators gathered in paris denouncing the israeli offensive and demanding an end to what they describe as a massacre. excuse me from a gaza. university believes israel is capable of hitting militant targets without putting civilians under threat. is a very small territory and it is very much packed with one point eight million palestinians but even in spite of that if these rain is wanted to hit and minister of those who are responsible for the launching of rockets against is where you thousand villages they are able to basically do without without then getting
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palestinian civilians in there doing this to populate the now is where it is planning things which are limited on targeted by the israeli bombardment they have been known to us when it's down to these things you have militants but they don't give warning most of the time sounds is without warning which means which was also and civilian death thousand million casualties the mounting international pressure to end the violence is having a little impact on the ground israeli leaders are vowing to continue the guards offensive a mosque is not backing down either as it continues shelling israeli territory in a separate development just hours ago three missiles coming up from the lebanese side of the border landed in the north of israel prompting it to fire back in response our middle east correspondent paula slayer has more from tel aviv. the situation here in israel is extremely tense barrages of rockets continue to be
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fired at the country from gaza there was one incident when a gas station in the city of ashdod was hit and one person has been seriously injured in fact that is the most serious incident so far ninety percent of the rockets that are coming from gaza into septic by the i am don't answer the missile defense system on friday night three missiles were intercepted over the skies of tel aviv and i was at an open field when this happened and it's almost surreal people rushed out of it causing is almost a few seconds before they can get to the ground or hide behind some kind of building many people just watching this interception in the sky and when it happened there was this huge applause that went up from people on the street where i was but certainly people are afraid what we're hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is that he will not back down and he will certainly not back down to international pressure he says and i'm quoting that the battle is progressing as planned so there is the sense on the ground that this could ultimately lead to a ground offensive as you well know thousands of reserve soldiers have been called up the head of the israeli army is also saying that gazans made
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a grave mistake by launching rockets at israel and that they will bring disaster upon themselves so certainly the rhetoric that's coming out at the moment does seem to suggest that this operation will continue and possibly continue for quite some time. but you can keep across what paula has managed to find out in israel by following her updates on twitter. today in the was on. to other news now people are fleeing an area next to the eastern ukrainian city of done yet because it is been shelled almost nonstop by gives forces a sense of friday. the rule. is that the studs you. should give the goddess are sure of. a
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harrowing account from an eyewitness but anti-government forces say the number of civilian deaths is as high as thirty right now you're looking at pictures of the aftermath in the area or to use more if emotional in the region for. the president to fight in happened in the outskirts of the city of donetsk one of the biggest cities here in eastern ukraine with a population of one million people we know that multiple rocket launcher known as the hay was used followed by. the pictures we received from the ground show dramatic device station and we can clearly see that a residential area was targeted and we're also hearing reports that local orphanage and children are old so heat and many already compare these scenes with the city of slovyansk the key talking to ukrainian army full months of what kate calls its anti terror curation the town almost leveled just a week before it was surrendered of course the major concern is that it's happening next to
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a very very big city and the theories are that the violence would spread further meanwhile clashes along the russian ukrainian border also continue to russia's foreign ministry post about one incident in which russia's checkpoint was targeted and the record size that it came under fire coming from both ukrainian and russian side and those responsible for the firing from the russian side came from ukraine and the report says that the route proved for that. was out of the blue the people ran out unexpectedly it was an open fire one up a troll. or. judging by the damage to the car firearms were used and it's obvious they were used on purpose the investigation is ongoing. meanwhile we hear it from the operation commanders in caves that on friday they managed to kill around one thousand and to government if itis although they don't provide any information they need to tell you when why it happened and we heard from the
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present for the british that quotation for every ukrainian soldier the militants will pay with scores of hydrates off the road this information there was not confirmed by the n.t. government forces themselves they say they lost a dozen. conflicting reports but there is one thing that both sides agree on but the casualties among the civilian population are very high and it continues to rise and while the death toll from all sides and anger will be rising in eastern ukraine it's clear that they did the way that they saw those that many of those who are not directly involved in this crisis is a calling for now could happen any time soon or kid reportedly targeted another city in the dunya region with an airstrike anti-government activists said five people have died there but did not specify whether it was civilians or their fighters they also claim to have shot down a ukrainian military plane something it denies.
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publicly funded health service it risks being carved open by american health care giants that is according to protesters in london who are anxious about a plan to trade deal between the e.u. and the u.s. they marched on the box office in the british capital or to support boko was there . but this protest is all about what could end up being the biggest trade pact in history the u.s. and the e.u. are negotiating over the potential creation of a massive free trade area and i washington and brussels say it's all about the creation of more choices based on the economy and making much of the more your eyes are the ultimate the most bond as you can hand by the snow begins and the ban is that deal has more than its fair share of conan and here in britain there's a particular concern over the future of the national health service the universal
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medical caste system that is being sneaky guarded by a lot of people here in the u.k. now the coalition government as part of a shake up of the n.h.s. has already contracted out an increasing number of services to private profit making companies and the worry is that this deal would allow u.s. companies to come into the n.h.s. i'm privatized parts of it irreversibly said the protesters here i demand saying that the national health service the british national health service is kept ounce of the potential u.s. e.u. trade agreement entirely now of course these talks are being held in secret that worries protesters as well they simply don't know what's being discussed but the main e.u. negotiator has assured that the future of the n.h.s. will be fully safeguarded. now supporters of the transatlantic trade agreements say that it will benefit europe by creating new jobs and generating one hundred billion
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euros a year that's a lot of the areas potentially affected by the treaty include the environment investment health care education and labor critics say the deal will open that use doors to things such as fracking and genetically modified food and lead it to corporate takeover and a declining wages the agreement is also causing concern in europe's powerhouse germany or to spread it all over spoke with civil rights campaigner michael alfre about the possible threats posed by the treaty. what are the major concerns for germans about the tea tape negotiations. in germany there are a lot of citizens who are worrying that european standards will sink we're talking about consumer protection and environmental protection those standards are lower in the u.s. there are also worries that international investors and corporations will receive special legal treatment that will lead to the abolition of some environmental and social protection laws. in the last two weeks we have seen the relationship be
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somewhat strained with regards to spying but do you think that would have any kind of impact on the negotiations for the trade deal all is this pretty much already a done deal chimney all set to sign that part of it is going to cause i don't believe it will have a significant effect on talks it's going to take until the end of two thousand and fifteen when negotiations should be completed this current affair will be forgotten quickly and i think negotiations will continue as if it didn't happen thank you very much it does seem that despite germany taking the unprecedented action of expelling that cia operative and seemingly standing up to the united states when it comes to trade they are going to sign this deal despite the concerns of some of the citizens here in germany. russian president vladimir putin continues his tour of latin american countries whose most recent stop was in argentina where the leaders of the two nations signed a nuclear energy cooperation deal we've got all of the details after
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history is never really dead as long as it's with us the start of the first world war one hundred years ago is a case in point in numerous ways the beginning in conclusion of that conflict shapes our world today. and welcome back and this is our t. international now russian leader vladimir putin has arrived in argentina as part of his latin american tour talks between the leaders of the two nations resulted in a number of agreements signed including a nuclear energy cooperation deal the next stop for the russian president is brazil as are reports. well on route to the world cup final hay in rio the russian president vladimir putin has stopped off in argentina where he had
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a meeting with the country's president cristina fernandez and they discussed the strengthening of political and economic ties as well aside in a number of agreements such as legal treaties including the exchange of prisoners there was also an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation. and also says that r.t.d. will soon stop broadcasting on argentinian t.v. in spanish. the agreement will expand the cooperation between russian and argentinian t.v. channels we're grateful for the opportunity for russia's r.t. spanish channel to broadcast in argentina and everybody here will be able to really access the network for the first time. while the president also went on to say that russia hoping to build their own global positioning satellites and they are expecting argentinian and hoping for argentinian help on the project so let's give you a bit more information about counterparts about argentina itself. cristina
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fernandez the cut is the first elected female president in argentina the keyword there was elected because isabella martin is the pro and was president for two years in the one nine hundred seventy s. on this latin american told about amir putin also stopped off in cuba that's where he had a symbolic meeting with former leader fidel castro an influential figure who helped castro to power shake of all born in argentina with relations between the usa and russia out there was since the end of the cold war it seems that the two nations i don't sing to a different tune at the moment argentina is the height of time go and argentina are of course in sunday's world cup final. against germany in the sport as a religion for fans in latin america but argentina's national sport isn't football it's a sport known as part of a mix of cross and so i thought it. arrive in rio within the next twenty four hours or so ahead of the world that his trip to america is going to be still dominated by
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gangs on political ones. scott force there now during his stay in brazil vladimir putin will attend of the today brics summit the participants are expected to discuss the creation of a new financial institution and energy agreements within the group columnist dean anderson thinks that brics offers new opportunities not only for its members but for latin american nations as well. it just seems logical that this old south american colony would want to go along with the brics you know michelle bachelet another person whose father was you know tortured by by pinochet and other cia baggage or so this is why it's happening there because they've seen this oppression this aggression from the us is a mineral darkroom you know in the late eighty's hundreds and and this is why latin america will go first i think when you put you know together china india brazil russia. and if they can get a lot of these g twenty countries to come along with them like indonesia that's a huge market huge natural resources millions of people billions of people billions
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in china alone out of the billion in india low that have an opportunity now i. have got plenty more for you on our website including climate cover dubai plans to build the world's first climate controlled city as a summer temperatures in the united arab emirates reach over forty five degrees celcius the area under a huge glass dome is to accommodate a shopping center hotels and even a wellness district more than that on line. and while you're there in the middle ages returns to the very end village as the world's largest medieval festival has kicked off more than one hundred twenty thousand people have already attended the event game of thrones if you will on our team dot com we've got all the footage and of course the details for. now the islamic state terror group just got a thousand new members and they are reportedly raking in a million dollars
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a day by selling oil they seized in syria and iraq despite their growing threat the u.s. does not want to stop supporting the so-called moderate opposition in syria and it's you can look at the group's influence. extremist group now controls a vast part of iraq and syria and has announced a caliphate one report says a thousand strong syrian rebel brigade arrived at the headquarters of the islamic state in a convoy of over one hundred vehicles including tank tanks ceased from syrian government forces for several years now u.s. officials have been trying to create this image of the syrian opposition as former teachers farmers and dentists fighting against bashar assad the speedy advance of the isis shows just how much more complicated the situation is the obama administration began to stumble when answering questions about the contradiction between u.s.
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efforts in syria and now in iraq. oftentimes the challenge is if you have former farmers or teachers. or pharmacists. who now are taking up. opposition against a battle hardened regime. with support from external actors that have won that state how quickly can you get them trained washington is still determined to continue arming the syrian opposition the white house has asked congress for half a billion dollars in eight for the syrian opposition and you have many hawkish lawmakers here who want just that the white house says the forces there are now providing weapons to our moderate but what does moderate mean in that part of the world where everything can change overnight we get into this conflict between who is a radical and who's
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a moderate and who we're going to arm and then people change sides look what happened in iraq in recent years and it gets so confusing that even the experts don't understand it and get all trying to hide when they try to describe it in light of the onslaught of these lawmakers state you can often hear the criticism that in its zest to remove assad washington may have overlooked the threat of this radical group in washington i'm going to check on our team. middle east analyst phyllis bennis says that if the u.s. sends weapons they might not make it into the hands of the washington backed moderate opposition the syrian rebels come in a wide variety of idiology and belief and organizations but they're all working quite closely together so this notion that there is a an expansion of isis for instance is certainly not a surprise i think many people have been worried that if the u.s. provides weapons to what they consider this so-called moderate opposition that
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there will be no way that those quote moderates can protect those weapons from falling into the hands of jihadi forces like isis and others that it won't be because they want to turn it over to them necessarily although it might also but simply because they don't have the military capacity that some of these other organizations these islamist organizations do have so it's going to be further militarization more people will be killed it's not going to help the syrian people and particularly syrian civilians it's going to make it worse for them now to some other stories making headlines around the world this hour at least thirty three people including twenty nine women have been killed in a raid on two buildings in baghdad according to police gunmen arrived in four wheel drive vehicles in the neighborhood in the east of the city before storming the housing complex the motive and the perpetrators of the attack are both still unknown. bers of the protestant unionists group the orange order
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have marched on the streets of belfast in northern ireland they walked along a historic route separating nationalist and loyalist parts of the city joined by dozens of others from scotland to share their political views in separate marches orangemen also passed through republican cities under heavy police protection no clashes were reported there. coming up after the break it is that the kaiser report right here in argentina national stay with us. from time to time i get emotional e-mails and broken english from quote
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nationalists of various sort who support the current government in kiev and it makes me wonder if young people today even know what the word nationalist means for example just last week a bill was passed in ukraine that will open up forty nine percent of the country's gas pipelines and storage facilities to european and american companies let's also not forget that joe biden son was put on the board of ukraine's largest gas producer we should also remember all the way back to the first days of the coup against you know covert what did the nationalists do first sign up big time for i am loans wow putting your country into massive debt with foreign entities now that's a nationalistic and would you think ukrainian nationalist would put ukrainians into power all over the regions of ukraine well think again because money sure trumps ethnicity what it comes to the two thousand and fourteen governors lined up and most importantly of all how can nationalists want to join the e.u. which is lefty liberal paradise where patriotic movements are the black sheep of the continent so my dear detractors who write me letters just were. sort of
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national's revolution are you so proud of i'm sorry but i'm not seeing your triumph but that's just my opinion. and the same logic that the united states pursued in afghanistan you know for an army relatively unknown a graphic for me jackie dean to soviet that was good enough for the united states and look what happened a couple of years down the line again the problem with american policy is a lack of staying power after the soviet union left afghanistan the united states essentially forgot about afghanistan that the pakistanis moved in to fill the void with the taliban that led to the growth of all qaeda with all the subsequent consequences this was the critique of pulling out of iraq as well.


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